Life Coaching and ADHD Coaching

Is Life Overwhelming You and Making You Feel:

             Pressured by just about everything- home, work, school, family?

             Anxious because you always feel you have so much to do?

             Frustrated because your life isn't what you envisioned it would be?

             Exhausted because 24 hours in a day just isn't enough?


ADHD is challenging you and tends to make you...

              - forget things, feel distracted, or disorganized and you procrastinate?

              - have highs & lows in your day of clarity, productivity, & motivation?



Working together with a coach, you can regain your boundaries and set goals in your life to improve:

                       * Time management and organization

                              * Household balance and order

                              * Relationships with family, friends & co-workers

                              * Work and school performance and achievement

                              * Self esteem and the power of personal choices

                              * Personal wellness



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Email, text or call

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20 minute session